Teeth In A Day

Same-day teeth replacement in Princeton is not a myth. Teeth in a Day implants employ an advanced, time-efficient procedure that enables a full set of teeth to be placed in a single appointment. Traditional dental implants typically require bone grafts, six or more separate implants, and up to 18 months of treatment, much of that time spent with temporary dentures or missing teeth. Teeth in a Day implants rely upon the strategic placement of fewer implants without the need for bone grafting, allowing them to be fit immediately with the replacement teeth. Just that fast, your smile is yours again.

Steps to Teeth in a Day / Immediate Smile

1. Is your patient a candidate for the Teeth in a Day procedure, first:
  • Is patient in good health
  • Is patient unhappy with his/her current prosthesis
  • Does patient have failing dentition or edentulous jaw
2. CBCT (Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (in office)
  • 3D imaging to accurately measure the quality and quantity of the bone
  • Digital Implant positioning and possible surgical guide fabrication
  • Allows for identification of anatomical structures
3. Implant treatment plans are a collaboration by the restorative dentist & periodontists
  • Teeth in a Day procedures require communication between both the periodontists and the restorative dentist to ensure a seamless transition for the patient

4. A temporary prosthesis is fabricated prior to the surgical procedure, and placed the same day with implant placement. The patient should be informed that the permanent prosthesis is fabricated after  the healing process.

5. What to expect the day of surgery
  •  Extract remaining teeth if necessary
  •  Laboratory  technician is here throughout the treatment day and often  the restorative dentist     dentist is here as well
  •  Implants, (4-6) are placed and the temporary prosthesis is inserted
  •  Patient returns to restorative dentist the following day to check occlusion

6. Fixed permanent prosthesis placed 2-4 months after implant placement